About Us

PeopleHealth has been a pioneer in health & wellness services from 2004 and today, touches over 120,000 lives.With a network of 100 medical facilities and over 200 doctors, we are able to reach out to our clients with medical facilities and treatment options, closest to them.

PeopleHealth is a consumer oriented health services organization that seamlessly binds all aspects of healthcare. Our aim is to provide members with health promoting wellness plans, access to preferred centers with assured quality of service, and a wealth of health resources enabling people- to take charge of their own health. It is inspired by professionally managed global health delivery systems that provide easy-to-access, quality health care, for the entire community.

The core management team at PeopleHealth has years of experience in managing high-growth companies as well as a strong background in developing products, and programs for the consumer led industry.


  1. PeopleHealth is a neutral entity and works as a representative of the user (consumer)
  2. Measurable goals and periodic reviews to enable necessary course  corrections.
  3. Complete transparency in our offerings, when people  avail services through    PeopleHealth.
  4. All  aspects  of  backend  process  are  managed  by  technical  platforms  to  enable  better management reporting and ease for the user

Relevant  and  appropriate  communication  and  engaging  programs  to  achieve  the  goal  – works as an extension of team HR