Master Health Check Advantage – Advanced – INR 4150

Complete Blood Count Various blood disorders including anemia and decreased production of the blood due to bone marrow depression can be detected. Infections can be ruled out.
Fasting Blood Sugar Screening for Diabetes Mellitus
PP Blood Sugar Screening for Diabetes Mellitus
Blood Urea Screening for evaluating Kidney function
TSH Evaluates thyroid functioning and/or symptoms of a thyroid disorder
Uric Acid Measures the amount of uric acid in the body and also to determine the cause of abnormal uric acid levels
HbA1c HbA1c is an indicator of your average blood sugar over the past 3 months.
Lipid Profile Screening for cardiovascular risk prediction and major preventable cause for Heart Diseases
Liver Function Test Screening for Liver functions and Disorders including Alcoholic Liver Damage
ECG(Resting) Impression about heart rate, rhythm, chamber enlargement & to screen for ischemic heart diseases
TMT TMT evaluates the exercise tolerance and the likely hood of Ischemic Heart Diseases.
USG Abdomen & Pelvis To check structure of all abdominal & Pelvic organs and to detect abnormalities. Helps in early evaluation of disorders such as Fatty Liver, Renal or ureteric calculi, pelvic inflammatory diseases etc
Urine Routine Screening for Renal Disorders and Urinary Tract Infections
HbsAg Screening for Hepatitis B infection
Calcium Screening for conditions relating to bones
Pap Smear (Females) Screening for Cervical & Endometrial Malignancies as well as infections
PSA for Men Screening for Prostate Cancer
Complete Medical Examination  
Consultation with Physician  
Diet Consultation  
Complimentary Breakfast  
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