Siddha system of medicine is the most primitive medical system. This system was formulated and established about more than 25000 years back by the eminent powers called Siddhars and hence the name Siddha Medicine .

The medicines were prepared by the various research work done by the Siddhars on herbs, minerals, and animals. The father of Siddha Medicine is the primordial Guru, Agasthiar.

There are also 18 prime Siddhars who are the followers of the primordial Guru, contributed their valuable knowledge and experiences in this field.

Siddha medical system doesn’t consider treatment and prevention separately. The main aim of this system is the prevention of disease, as it is well said that “Prevention is better than cure”!

This system consists of both internal and external medicines which are today available in market, manufactured by various companies External medicines like Thokkanam (massage), Vedhu (steam therapy), Varmam (stimulation of vital points of body therapeutically), Kaya-karpam, Attanga Yogam (8 limbs of Yoga) etc are very effectively used for even diseases like
hemiplegia, parkinsonism, arthritis etc.

Today, the treatment like physiotherapy, panchakarmam, marmam, acupressure, naturopathy and yoga are well known separately but it can be confirmed that all these are evolved from Siddha system of Medicine or Siddham. These methods are present in this single system of
medicine. Siddha system emphasizes not only a healthy body but a peaceful mind and pure soul. Hence, it is unique when compared to any other medical system.

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